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Alcoza™ EMS Pillow Massager

Alcoza™ EMS Pillow Massager

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Multi-Function Massage

Comfort for your travel

Restless nights while traveling can now become a thing of the past. With our Electric Neck Massager, you can promote better sleep quality. The U-shaped ergonomic curve design perfectly fits the curve of your spine, ensuring optimal comfort and support. Drift away into a peaceful slumber and wake up feeling refreshed and energized for your adventures.

360 ° three-dimensional support

High and low undulating curved surface design, close to the shoulder neck curve, effectively absorb the neck pressure, evenly bear the force, reduce the pressure point, provide sufficient support protection, left and right reclining are also very comfortable.

Deep Tissue Massage

The neck massage pillow reach the deep massage by 2 powerful deep-kneading massage nodes, clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation can be choose the neck massage pillow can quickly deeply relax your neck, promote blood circulation , relieve muscle fatigue and soreness.

Memory Foam Core

this U-shaped pillow uses top-quality memory foam that offers an excellent support and super elastic recovery. U-shape and ergonomic design of heating travel pillow will support your neck without any discomfort.

Features a skin- friendly velvet fabric

Full-fleshed, delicate texture, soft feel, Can also be used for sensitive skin. When used, it is close to the skin, such as the spring breeze on the face.

Easy adjustment of tightness

The rope with lock can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes. Whether at home, in the office or on travel, it can be convenient and truly effective for professional analgesic massage.

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